Established 2009

Mailing Address: PO Box 239, MANSFIELD, Qld 4122

Email Address:         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Phone: 07 3343 2216


ABN 43684456315 Incorporation No: IA37716
AMSA Registration 100071 QMSA Registration 13


Management Committee for 2020/2021:  

President:                                       Lloyd Akeroyd      

Vice President:                              John Wicks

Secretary:                                      George Parkinson

Treasurer:                                      Graeme Cumner

 Immediate Past President:           Peter Lindsay    

Committee members:

Building & Grounds Coordinator:         Jeffrey Farrah

Community Projects Coordinator:        Bart McKnight

 Minutes Secretary :                             Ken Mihill

Office Coordinator:                              Peter Tyley

Public Relations Coordinator:              John Wicks   

REC Co-ordinator:                               Colin Smith

WOC Co-ordinator:                              Asbjorn Pettersson

Welfare Coordinator:                            Steve Fluerty


Dr Brian Kable  (Body)
Dr Grant Devilly (Mind)
Bishop Dr Doug Stevens (Spirit)


The Management Committee oversees the operations and determines future direction of the association.


There are eight subcommittees to support the Management Committee in advising and providing assistance in running the association. Each committee has a defined role within the organisation. Each subcommittee reports monthly to the Management Committee. The sub-committees are:

  1. Workshop Committee
  2. Community Projects
  3. Building and Gounds committee
  4. Information Technology
  5. Program
  6. Recreation organizing committee
  7. Shed Policy and Procedures
  8. Welfare


        Coordinator: Asbjorn Pettersson

The Workshop Coordinator's role includes ordering material, stock control, arrange maintenance of machinery and equipment.

Shed Supervisors:  Tony Giacomantonio, Alan Richardson, Asbjorn Pettersson

These men oversee the physical operations of the workshop


Recreation Room Coordinator: Colin Smith

The Recreation Room Coordinator facilitates use of the Recreation Room for smokos, group speaker activities and for special occasions /events.