Store Page Overview

The store page lists out all the available products on sale on the Mount Gravatt Men's Shed website. All products are approved for sale and can only be added to the store by the store administrator. Each product contains details about the product, its price, reviews, ratings and available stock. There are multiple methods of payment and shipping for the products, but only store members may purchase a product.
*Note – You must be a member of the MGMS Store to make purchases. This does not include casual website memberships.

Browsing Products

On the store page, you will be able to see all the listed products on sale. To see details about a product, click on the product's name or image. This will take you to the product page. On this page, you will be able to see details about the product, including the price, availability, ratings, product images, ordering the product by adding it to your shopping cart, adding the product to your wishlist or adding it to a compare section with other products. This page also provides a link to user reviews of the product. Purchasing and ordering of products is allowed only by store members. This section will be covered in a later section of the user manual.

Reading Customer Reviews

Reading Customer Reviews will provide you with opinions about the product from other people as well as help you decide on purchasing a product. Reading Customer Reviews can be done in two ways. Either on the store home page where the product is listed or on the actual product store page. On either page, click on the 'Reviews(s)' link besides the rating 'stars' to access the ratings

You will now be taken to the product's review page. Here you can read about other people’s opinion about the product.

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