News Page Overview

The news page contains news articles and newsletters about the Mount Gravatt Men's Shed. This page can be accessed anytime by clicking on the button labelled 'News' on the top navigation bar of the website. Users may cycle through available articles by clicking the “Older News” and “Latest News” buttons towards the bottom of the page. Newsletters are also displayed in the right hand sidebar of this page, under the heading “Newsletters”.

Navigating News Articles

The left side of the page displays the latest or selected news article. Under the article, you are able to see the author of the article and read comments posted on the article. You are able to navigate through to older or newer articles by clicking on the left and right arrow buttons towards the bottom of the screen. If you are on the latest article, the 'Latest News' arrow will not be clickable and if you are on the oldest article, the older news arrow will not display.

Searching for News Articles

The Search articles feature is located on the right sidebar of the news page. It allows searching for articles by the options of 'Title', 'Category' and 'Content'. You are also able to select an article based on the year and month using the drop down menu below the search box.

Step 1: Enter in the text box to the name, category or content of the article you are looking for

Step 2: Tick on or off the search options of Title, Category or Content depending on the article you are looking for.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Search’ button

Articles based on your search results should now be displayed on the left side of the page. If the article you are looking for does not display, please proceed to the next step. The next step and beyond will display all posted articles.

Step 4: Click on the right facing arrow under the search options of the year in which the article was posted.

Step 5: Click on the arrow of the month when you think the article was posted.

Step 6: Click on the article you want under the month.


The newsletters section is located on the right sidebar of the news page under the search articles section. The newsletters are separate documents in Adobe Reader format (PDF). They are viewable by clicking on their associated link. The list of newsletters being displayed can be altered by a logged in admin through the admin panel of the website. For more information about maintaining the newsletters, please see the section titled “Maintaining Newsletters” in this manual.



Read News Article Comments

If there are comments on the articles that is displayed on the News page, you are able to view them. If 'Read Comments' is marked with a '0' beside it, that article does not have any comments attached to it. Comments are located under the displayed article.

If the article has comments on it, click on 'Read Comments'

All comments on the articles should now be displayed under the article

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